Items being bought:
Item Count Price Buyer
Animal Bone Fragment200691????
Animal Skin306692???
Animal Bone Fragment102395???
Animal Skin248596???
Iron Ore2993130????
Iron Ore1440145???
Iron Ore3484152????
Iron Ore2984156????
Silver Nugget2991240????
Durable Braid2664250????
Silver Nugget1500275???
Crystal (D-grade)5883300????
Crystal (D-grade)680310?????
Crystal (D-grade)4175310veteran
Crystal (D-grade)2000311????
Crystal (D-grade)2000312????
Mithril Ore799460????
Quality Leather Glove Lining349800????
Coarse Bone Powder947910????
Coarse Bone Powder7971000????
Chain Hood Pattern191450???
Greater Magic Haste Potion151500??????
Oriharukon Ore2421720???
Oriharukon Ore5001730???
Crystal (C-grade)8001800????
Crystal (C-grade)8001800????
Crystal (C-grade)18551850?????
Crystal (C-grade)5001850????
Crystal (C-grade)5001900??s
Crystal (C-grade)15201920???
Crimson Boot Fabric652000??
Chain Boot Fragment442000?????
Plated Leather Boot Lining422000?????
Chain Glove Design422000?????
Compound Helmet Design232000???
Plated Leather Glove Design442000?????
Reinforced Mithril Boot Design642000??
Divine Glove Pattern572000????
Reinforced Mithril Glove Design1002000??
Rind Leather Boot Lining822000??
Rind Leather Glove Design702000??
Chain Glove Design642100???
Full Plate Boot Fragment1132200???
Full Plate Boot Fragment1082200???
Plate Helmet Design222200????????
Chain Boot Fragment212200????????
Adamantite Nugget1652200???
Compound Helmet Design342200???
Adamantite Nugget3962200wonijasu
Adamantite Nugget1502300???
Plated Leather Boot Lining1192500???
Reinforced Mithril Glove Design1122500???
Karmian Boot Fabric792500??
Chain Glove Design1332500???
Karmian Glove Fabric1892500??
Elven Earring Beads562500??
Haste Potion2002500??s
Karmian Boot Fabric1342500???
Drake Leather Glove Design1172500????
Karmian Boot Fabric1402550???
Karmian Glove Fabric1922550???
Karmian Boot Fabric402600???
Brigandine Temper443500????
Crimson Boot Fabric1543500???
Reinforced Mithril Shirt Fabric204000?????
Elven Earring Beads74000????
Plate Helmet Design44000????
Quality Leather224500????
Proof of Blood4124500Bible
Proof of Blood3654550???
Metal Hardener1784600????
Metal Hardener5454600wonijasu
Divine Glove Pattern965000???
Unknown Item5535500??????
Unknown Item5685500????
Unknown Item596000???
Unknown Item1006000????
Adamantite Ring Wire206000????
Unknown Item2306470????????
Unknown Item556500???
Unknown Item1226510?????
Unknown Item2756510??????
Unknown Item1446510???
Unknown Item3306520?????
Unknown Item1606530????????
Full Plate Helmet Design437000???
Half Plate Temper207000????????
Full Plate Helmet Design147000????
Full Plate Helmet Design257500????
Full Plate Helmet Design47500????
Full Plate Helmet Design937500???
Karmian Stocking Design1218000???
Karmian Stocking Design488000??
Karmian Tunic Pattern408000??
Divine Stocking Pattern798500???
Stone of Purity6010000?????
Mold Hardener1010000??????
Gastraphetes Shaft310000?????
Winged Spear Blade1610000?????
Sword of Revolution Blade2010000?????
Crucifix of Blood Piece1110000?????
Unknown Item22211000????
Unknown Item3311000??????
Stone of Purity12311100????
Stone of Purity9011200????
Stone of Purity611500????
Sword of Revolution Blade1712000?????
Maingauche Edge2512000?????
Sword of Revolution Blade3012100????
Scroll: Enchant Armor (D-grade)1913000????
Scroll: Enchant Armor (D-grade)2013000????
Scroll: Enchant Armor (D-grade)3413000?????
Mold Hardener6513000????
Crucifix of Blood Piece2615000????
Spiked Club Head715000????
Samurai Long Sword Blade715000???
Crucifix of Blood Piece1715300????
Scroll: Enchant Armor (D-grade)2015400???
Crucifix of Blood Piece2315500?????
Scroll: Enchant Armor (D-grade)1515500????
Crucifix of Blood Piece3516000???
Scroll: Enchant Armor (D-grade)2316000wonijasu
Samurai Long Sword Blade2416000????
Scroll: Enchant Armor (D-grade)4016100????
Samurai Long Sword Blade2720000????
Unknown Item1020000wonijasu
Sword of Valhalla Blade722000????
Heavy Bone Club Head2825000????
Shamshir Blade2925000?????
Divine Tunic Fabric730000??????
Unknown Item1130000????
Deadman's Staff Head530000??????
Ghoul's Staff Head530000??????
Drake Leather Armor Texture2530000????
Crystal Staff Head1130000??????
Reinforced Longbow Shaft2330000?????
Unknown Item3635000???
Deadman's Staff Head1235000???
Demon's Staff Head1040000???
Unknown Item3740000???
Demon's Staff Head540000????
Scroll: Enchant Armor (C-grade)1050000????
Full Plate Armor Temper350000??????
Full Plate Armor Temper3050000???
Full Plate Armor Temper450000???
Crystal Dagger Blade550000???
Scroll: Enchant Armor (C-grade)3253000????
Scroll: Enchant Armor (C-grade)1753000?????
Divine Tunic Fabric3065000???
Scroll: Enchant Armor (C-grade)2065000wonijasu
Divine Tunic Fabric966000?????
Crystal Dagger Blade570000????
Elven Mithril Glove Design971000?????
Elven Mithril Glove Design1472000???
Full Plate Gauntlet Fragment580000???
Drake Leather Boot Design380000??????
Drake Leather Boot Design2980000????
Drake Leather Boot Design380000??????
Berserker Blade Edge580000????
Brigandine Helmet Design580000???
Brigandine Helmet Design1182100?????
Full Plate Gauntlet Fragment2986000???
Full Plate Gauntlet Fragment1686000????
Full Plate Gauntlet Fragment1086500?????
Full Plate Gauntlet Fragment388000??????
Spirit Sword Blade1090000?????
Spirit Sword Blade1190000???
Drake Leather Boot Design890000???
Full Plate Gauntlet Fragment1090000????
Drake Leather Boot Design790000issue
Yaksa Mace Head3100000???
Raid Sword Blade9100000?????
Orcish Poleaxe Blade9100000????????
Raid Sword Blade10100000???
Elven Long Sword Blade10100000???
Spirit Sword Blade5100000?????
Yaksa Mace Head2110000????
Homunkulus' Sword Blade9120000???
Light Crossbow Shaft11120000???
Homunkulus' Sword Blade4120000????
Light Crossbow Shaft3120000??????
Light Crossbow Shaft3120000????s?
Mithril Dagger Blade10130000???
Yaksa Mace Head10130000???
Yaksa Mace Head5130000????
Yaksa Mace Head3140000???
Scroll: Enchant Weapon (D-grade)5200000????
Staff of Life Shaft4200000????????
Scroll: Enchant Weapon (D-grade)6200000??????
Scroll: Enchant Weapon (D-grade)11200000????
Scroll: Enchant Weapon (D-grade)6200000?????
Scroll: Enchant Armor (B-grade)8300000????
Eminence Bow Shaft3330000???
Eminence Bow Shaft3340000????
Eminence Bow Shaft8340000????
Eminence Bow Shaft10350000???
Eminence Bow Shaft3350000??????
Eminence Bow Shaft9350000????
Demon's Glove Fabric3450000?????
Scroll: Enchant Weapon (C-grade)51200000????
Scroll: Enchant Weapon (C-grade)61300000????