Items being bought:
Item Count Price Buyer
Animal Skin313588???
Animal Skin491990????
Animal Bone Fragment203390???
Animal Skin81990?????
Animal Bone Fragment202193?????
Animal Skin93393?????e
Animal Skin238993?????
Animal Skin109695???
Animal Bone Fragment37595????
Iron Ore2449130????
Iron Ore678135???
Iron Ore2000145???
Iron Ore2625170????
Iron Ore5000180?????
Iron Ore5742180????
Iron Ore4895182??????
Iron Ore3297182?????
Iron Ore2500187??
Durable Braid445200?????e
Silver Nugget1589240????
Silver Nugget1088255?????
Crystal (D-grade)4958300????
Crystal (D-grade)841300?????
Crystal (D-grade)2173301???
Crystal (D-grade)2000305??
Reinforced Metal Plate80500??
Coarse Bone Powder845920????
Coarse Bone Powder360930????
Coarse Bone Powder480950??????
Coarse Bone Powder195950????
Coarse Bone Powder1000980??
Necklace Chain of Magic2951050???
Tiger's Eye Stone2491050???
Oriharukon Ore321500??
Oriharukon Ore521500???
Full Plate Shield Fragment561600???
Greater Magic Haste Potion22301600????????
Crystal (C-grade)4321750?????
Oriharukon Ore3691850???
Oriharukon Ore4891900????
Oriharukon Ore4981900????
Oriharukon Ore5401900????
Oriharukon Ore1421900???
Oriharukon Ore2221900???
Oriharukon Ore11521910????
Oriharukon Ore9911920??????
Plated Leather Boot Lining602000?????
Chain Glove Design522000?????
Ring of Seal Gemstone872000????????
Plated Leather Glove Design572000?????
Crimson Boot Fabric1822000???
Gauntlets of Ghost Pattern1292000????
Quality Leather1852000??
Theca Leather Boot Texture272000????
Theca Leather Glove Texture132000????
Reinforced Mithril Boot Design452000??
Theca Leather Boot Texture662000?????
Reinforced Mithril Glove Design432000??
Theca Leather Glove Texture642000?????
Rind Leather Boot Lining432000??
Rind Leather Glove Design422000??
Drake Leather Glove Design442000????
Adamantite Ring Wire532000???
Crimson Boot Fabric632000??
Chain Boot Fragment462000?????
Adamantite Nugget3482200???
Full Plate Boot Fragment902200???
Chain Boot Fragment762200????????
Haste Potion1632200????
Full Plate Boot Fragment292200???
Full Plate Boot Fragment1022300???
Full Plate Boot Fragment282300???
Haste Potion3002500??s
Elven Earring Beads152500??
Compound Helmet Design42500????
Metal Hardener712500??
Karmian Boot Fabric1532500???
Plated Leather Boot Lining202500???
Adamantite Necklace Chain212500???
Proof of Blood3022500???
Karmian Boot Fabric402500??
Karmian Glove Fabric502500??
Crimson Boot Fabric522500????????
Elven Earring Beads462550?????e
Divine Stocking Pattern893000???
Divine Glove Pattern283000Kame
Mold Glue1003000???
Divine Stocking Pattern153000?????
Proof of Blood1003200????
Mold Glue503200???
Mold Lubricant203200???
Brigandine Temper253500????
Divine Stocking Pattern314000?????
Quality Leather1244000????
Karmian Tunic Pattern404000??
Reinforced Mithril Shirt Fabric114000?????
Metal Hardener2964300woniu
Quality Leather7754300woniu
Quality Leather194400???
Unknown Item425000???
Mold Hardener115000??????
Unknown Item7006000????
Unknown Item1926400??
Nassen's Earring Gemstone106500???
Unknown Item2006700????
Unknown Item2006700???
Unknown Item5606700?????
Unknown Item8016800????01
Unknown Item6736800????
Unknown Item2236800???
Unknown Item7336800???
Unknown Item167000??
Unknown Item917000???
Unknown Item6007000???
Unknown Item5357100????
Karmian Stocking Design318000??
Full Plate Armor Temper1010000??????
Full Plate Armor Temper1010000???
Sword of Revolution Blade7510000?????
Sword of Revolution Blade3010000?????
Full Plate Armor Temper4710000???
Full Plate Armor Temper710000???
Maingauche Edge4811000?????
Winged Spear Blade8411000????
Unknown Item23411000????
Stone of Purity3912000????
Stone of Purity4212000????
Stone of Purity22812500???
Stone of Purity10012500????
Stone of Purity5012500???
Stone of Purity5913000????
Full Plate Armor Temper913000??????
Unknown Item10613100???
Stone of Purity4413200???
Stone of Purity21913300???
Stone of Purity5513450???
Stone of Purity7913500????
Stone of Purity2713500???
Stone of Purity8413500???
Stone of Purity25713600???
Stone of Purity13013700?????
Stone of Purity10013900??
Full Plate Helmet Design815000???
Recipe: Avadon Gaiters315000???
Samurai Long Sword Blade515000???
Full Plate Armor Temper4315500???
Samurai Long Sword Blade1616000???
Samurai Long Sword Blade716500????
Crucifix of Blood Piece8518000????
Crucifix of Blood Piece2318100??????
Crucifix of Blood Piece1418500????????
Crucifix of Blood Piece2018500?????
Drake Leather Armor Texture2220000????
Tsurugi Blade320000????
Samurai Long Sword Blade2620000????
Tsurugi Blade2620000????
Spiked Club Head320000????
Heavy Bone Club Head1825000?????
Sword of Valhalla Blade525000????
Sword of Valhalla Blade325000???
Full Plate Helmet Design726000????
Full Plate Helmet Design7926000???
Full Plate Helmet Design426000????
Full Plate Helmet Design526000????
Full Plate Helmet Design1026000?????
Full Plate Helmet Design626000????
Full Plate Helmet Design926000??????
Full Plate Helmet Design926000?????
Full Plate Helmet Design5926000???
Full Plate Helmet Design1026000???
Full Plate Helmet Design526000???
Full Plate Helmet Design1226500????
Full Plate Helmet Design1027000???
Crystal Staff Head1530000??????
Deadman's Staff Head730000???
Ghoul's Staff Head730000???
Divine Tunic Fabric3730000???
Scroll: Enchant Armor (D-grade)2030000????
Reinforced Longbow Shaft2530000?????
Divine Tunic Fabric830000?????
Divine Tunic Fabric530000??????
Scroll: Enchant Armor (D-grade)2930000????
Scroll: Enchant Armor (D-grade)1130000???
Full Plate Armor Temper1030000???
Deadman's Staff Head730000??????
Ghoul's Staff Head1030000??????
Scroll: Enchant Armor (D-grade)3430600wonijasu
Scroll: Enchant Armor (D-grade)4230600????
Scroll: Enchant Armor (D-grade)5230600?????
Divine Tunic Fabric1832000?????
Cursed Maingauche Edge1835000?????
Divine Tunic Fabric935000??
Scroll: Enchant Armor (D-grade)5736000???
Demon's Staff Head740000????
Divine Tunic Fabric2340000Kame
Demon's Staff Head440000?????
Elven Mithril Glove Design740000????
Unknown Item1841000???
Demon's Staff Head1345000???
Unknown Item3045000????
Unknown Item5046000wonijasu
Unknown Item2946000woniu
Unknown Item2648000???
Crystal Dagger Blade350000???
Elven Mithril Glove Design450000??
Crystal Dagger Blade350000???
Sword of Valhalla Blade650000???
Brigandine Helmet Design160000???
Crystal Dagger Blade1460000???
Brigandine Helmet Design1462000??????
Elven Mithril Glove Design770000????????
Crystal Dagger Blade470000???
Crystal Dagger Blade470000????
Scroll: Enchant Armor (C-grade)2070000????
Spirit Sword Blade1370000???
Demon's Staff Head570000??????
Spirit Sword Blade2270000???
Raid Sword Blade175000????
Raid Sword Blade375000???
Scroll: Enchant Armor (C-grade)2075000????
Stick of Faith Shaft2380000???
Scroll: Enchant Armor (C-grade)580000???
Berserker Blade Edge580000????
Berserker Blade Edge1080000???
Scroll: Enchant Armor (C-grade)1081100???
Scroll: Enchant Armor (C-grade)1182100?????
Scroll: Enchant Armor (C-grade)1082100wonijasu
Scroll: Enchant Armor (C-grade)4282100????
Crystal Dagger Blade390000????
Yaksa Mace Head2100000???
Full Plate Gauntlet Fragment3100000???
Yaksa Mace Head1100000???
Raid Sword Blade14100000???
Elven Long Sword Blade15100000???
Elven Long Sword Blade8105000???
Yaksa Mace Head15110000???
Yaksa Mace Head5110000????
Yaksa Mace Head1110000????
Light Crossbow Shaft13110000???
Light Crossbow Shaft8115000???
Full Plate Gauntlet Fragment6120000???
Homunkulus' Sword Blade11120000???
Homunkulus' Sword Blade7120000????
Orcish Poleaxe Blade6120000???
Mithril Dagger Blade13120000???
Full Plate Gauntlet Fragment3125000????
Full Plate Gauntlet Fragment4125000??????
Full Plate Gauntlet Fragment17125000???
Mithril Dagger Blade8125000???
Full Plate Gauntlet Fragment22125000?????
Full Plate Gauntlet Fragment3125000????
Full Plate Gauntlet Fragment6125000?????
Full Plate Gauntlet Fragment10125000????
Full Plate Gauntlet Fragment1125000??????
Full Plate Gauntlet Fragment26125000???
Drake Leather Boot Design3130000????
Drake Leather Boot Design2130000??????
Drake Leather Boot Design20130000???
Drake Leather Boot Design44130000????
Drake Leather Boot Design3130000??????
Drake Leather Boot Design10130000??
Drake Leather Boot Design13131000??????
Staff of Life Shaft3150000???
Scroll: Enchant Weapon (D-grade)13210000????
Scroll: Enchant Weapon (D-grade)8210000????
Scroll: Enchant Weapon (D-grade)10215000????
Scroll: Enchant Weapon (D-grade)9215000????01
Scroll: Enchant Weapon (D-grade)11215000?????
Scroll: Enchant Weapon (D-grade)6215000wonijasu
Scroll: Enchant Weapon (D-grade)7216000???
Eminence Bow Shaft1300000???
Eminence Bow Shaft1300000???
Eminence Bow Shaft3350000????
Scroll: Enchant Armor (B-grade)9350000????
Scroll: Enchant Armor (B-grade)3350000????
Eminence Bow Shaft16360000???
Eminence Bow Shaft12360000???
Eminence Bow Shaft2360000????
Eminence Bow Shaft2360000????
Eminence Bow Shaft1363000???
Eminence Bow Shaft11363000????
Scroll: Enchant Armor (B-grade)4400000?????
Divine Stockings1600000Kame
Scroll: Enchant Weapon (C-grade)31100000????
Scroll: Enchant Weapon (C-grade)41160000???
Scroll: Enchant Weapon (B-grade)42000000????