Items being bought:
Item Count Price Buyer
Soulshot (D-grade)21937???
Animal Bone Fragment65580?????
Animal Bone Fragment230390??
Animal Skin318290????
Animal Bone Fragment253592????
Animal Skin918092?????
Animal Skin297693?????
Animal Skin299795??????
Animal Bone Fragment111795???
Animal Bone Fragment155595???
Animal Skin220995???
Iron Ore2949130????
Iron Ore379135???
Iron Ore1911155???
Iron Ore2972158????
Iron Ore3288162????
Iron Ore435170??????
Iron Ore1426178?????
Iron Ore4984178?????
Silver Nugget2094240????
Crystal (D-grade)1000300??s
Metallic Fiber1117300????
Crystal (D-grade)704305????
Crystal (D-grade)5000310?????
Crystal (D-grade)413312????
Reinforced Metal Plate310500?????
Mithril Ore1477520????
Mithril Ore291550woniu
Coarse Bone Powder1199920????
Coarse Bone Powder1120920????
Coarse Bone Powder692930????
Synthetic Braid981000vvi01
Necklace Chain of Magic3001050???
Tiger's Eye Stone3001050???
Magic Haste Potion551100??????
Gloves of Seal Pattern731200???
Greater Magic Haste Potion1731500????????
Oriharukon Ore551500???
Greater Magic Haste Potion651500??????
Oriharukon Ore971500??
Full Plate Shield Fragment471600???
Mithril Gauntlet Design571700???
Crystal (C-grade)15451700?????
Oriharukon Ore3861850???
Oriharukon Ore2501850???
Oriharukon Ore1021850???
Oriharukon Ore4151850????
Oriharukon Ore6951860????
Plated Leather Glove Design642000?????
Crimson Boot Fabric622000??
Reinforced Mithril Boot Design632000??
Reinforced Mithril Glove Design762000??
Rind Leather Boot Lining602000??
Rind Leather Glove Design612000??
Divine Glove Pattern382000?????
Drake Leather Glove Design752000??????
Adamantite Ring Wire212000???
Full Plate Shield Fragment112000????
Gauntlets of Ghost Pattern1572000????
Divine Glove Pattern242000?????
Quality Leather1842000?????
Chain Boot Fragment572000?????
Drake Leather Glove Design872000????
Theca Leather Boot Texture82000????
Plated Leather Boot Lining692000?????
Theca Leather Glove Texture72000????
Chain Glove Design792000?????
Compound Helmet Design142000???
Chain Boot Fragment362100????????
Full Plate Boot Fragment502200?????
Full Plate Boot Fragment372200??????
Adamantite Nugget4002200woniu
Haste Potion2272200????
Full Plate Boot Fragment442200???
Adamantite Nugget3002200???
Full Plate Boot Fragment682200???
Full Plate Boot Fragment892300?????
Haste Potion512300????????
Full Plate Boot Fragment1052300???
Adamantite Nugget552300???
Haste Potion3002400??s
Haste Potion22400????????
Elven Earring Beads222500??
Karmian Boot Fabric712500??
Karmian Glove Fabric1472500??
Nassen's Earring Gemstone312500???
Karmian Boot Fabric1722500???
Compound Helmet Design242500????
Metal Hardener982500??
Karmian Boot Fabric352500???
Metal Hardener782500?????
Crimson Boot Fabric732500????????
Plated Leather Boot Lining112500???
Karmian Glove Fabric1122500???
Necklace of Seal Chain223000???
Divine Stocking Pattern123000?????
Mold Glue1003000???
Manticore Skin Gaiter Pattern23000???
Manticore Skin Boot Lining23000???
Manticore Skin Glove Lining23000???
Manticore Skin Shirt Texture33500???
Brigandine Temper433500????
Proof of Blood923750????
Quality Leather1644000????
Greater Haste Potion1514000????
Ring of Seal Gemstone44000vvi01
Reinforced Mithril Shirt Fabric364000?????
Quality Leather4914300wonijasu
Quality Leather3954300woniu
Metal Hardener3954300wonijasu
Proof of Blood2754400???
Quality Leather454800??
Unknown Item425000???
Divine Stocking Pattern245000???
Karmian Tunic Pattern305000??
Mold Hardener115000??????
Unknown Item876000???
Unknown Item7456000????
Stone of Purity1196000?????
Metal Hardener2226100??????
Unknown Item3446330???
Unknown Item3006500????
Unknown Item13046550????????
Unknown Item7986600????01
Unknown Item86660????
Unknown Item5836670?????
Unknown Item6506700??????
Unknown Item8506700????????
Full Plate Helmet Design67000???
Greater Haste Potion667000????
Greater Haste Potion477000????????
Greater Haste Potion337000??????
Greater Haste Potion1017000????????
Karmian Stocking Design728000???
Karmian Stocking Design298000??
Karmian Stocking Design249000??
Half Plate Temper710000???
Sword of Revolution Blade5310000?????
Stone of Purity8510000??
Stone of Purity5010000????
Recipe: Avadon Gaiters210000???
Full Plate Armor Temper710000????
Full Plate Armor Temper510000???
Winged Spear Blade5010000?????
Sword of Revolution Blade5010000?????
Full Plate Armor Temper1210000??????
Full Plate Armor Temper710000???
Maingauche Edge5211000?????
Unknown Item24511000????
Winged Spear Blade2811000????
Stone of Purity4511200???
Stone of Purity21911500???
Unknown Item4912000??????
Stone of Purity2512000???
Full Plate Armor Temper8713000???
Stone of Purity8713000???
Unknown Item25313100??60?
Stone of Purity11513200????
Stone of Purity12813200???
Stone of Purity9913300???
Stone of Purity26013500???
Stone of Purity9813500????
Stone of Purity9313500????
Stone of Purity12413500???
Stone of Purity10013700??????
Stone of Purity15013800?????
Crucifix of Blood Piece3514000????
Samurai Long Sword Blade515000???
Crucifix of Blood Piece2515500??????
Samurai Long Sword Blade516000???
Samurai Long Sword Blade1116500????
Crucifix of Blood Piece218000????????
Tsurugi Blade420000????
Full Plate Helmet Design720000vvi01
Samurai Long Sword Blade2920000????
Full Plate Armor Temper2220000???
Scroll: Enchant Armor (D-grade)2422600???
Scroll: Enchant Armor (D-grade)5023000wonijasu
Scroll: Enchant Armor (D-grade)2924000????
Scroll: Enchant Armor (D-grade)3924200????
Full Plate Helmet Design725000????
Full Plate Helmet Design825000???
Full Plate Helmet Design725000??????
Heavy Bone Club Head2125000?????
Full Plate Helmet Design1125000?????
Full Plate Helmet Design1025000????
Full Plate Helmet Design8825000???
Sword of Valhalla Blade225000???
Drake Leather Armor Texture1225000????
Full Plate Helmet Design625000????
Full Plate Helmet Design1125000?????
Sword of Valhalla Blade525000????
Full Plate Helmet Design1525000???
Full Plate Helmet Design3425000???
Scroll: Enchant Armor (D-grade)2128000????
Scroll: Enchant Armor (D-grade)3828100???
Scroll: Enchant Armor (D-grade)5528500?????
Scroll: Enchant Armor (D-grade)4828500????
Unknown Item1130000????
Deadman's Staff Head830000???
Ghoul's Staff Head730000???
Deadman's Staff Head230000??????
Ghoul's Staff Head230000??????
Crystal Staff Head1930000??????
Divine Tunic Fabric1135000???
Cursed Maingauche Edge2235000?????
Divine Tunic Fabric640000??????
Reinforced Longbow Shaft1640000?????
Divine Tunic Fabric1540000?????
Demon's Staff Head540000?????
Unknown Item1841000???
Unknown Item542000????????
Unknown Item3043000???
Unknown Item1043000woniu
Unknown Item5943000wonijasu
Demon's Staff Head1445000???
Crystal Dagger Blade350000???
Crystal Dagger Blade350000???
Brigandine Helmet Design952000?????
Spirit Sword Blade1355000???
Spirit Sword Blade455000????
Crystal Dagger Blade1460000???
Brigandine Helmet Design560000???
Demon's Staff Head360000??????
Crystal Dagger Blade560000????
Crystal Dagger Blade660000????
Scroll: Enchant Armor (C-grade)1560000????
Brigandine Helmet Design2061000??????
Crystal Dagger Blade670000???
Crystal Dagger Blade3370000??????
Raid Sword Blade1375000???
Raid Sword Blade475000????
Raid Sword Blade375000???
Scroll: Enchant Armor (C-grade)875500wonijasu
Berserker Blade Edge1080000???
Stick of Faith Shaft2380000???
Berserker Blade Edge580000????
Scroll: Enchant Armor (C-grade)2081000????
Scroll: Enchant Armor (C-grade)2181100?????
Scroll: Enchant Armor (C-grade)1681100???
Scroll: Enchant Armor (C-grade)4281100????
Elven Long Sword Blade13100000???
Spirit Sword Blade2100000???
Yaksa Mace Head2100000???
Yaksa Mace Head2100000???
Full Plate Gauntlet Fragment2100000???
Orcish Poleaxe Blade6100000????????
Yaksa Mace Head15110000???
Yaksa Mace Head2110000????
Yaksa Mace Head5110000????
Light Crossbow Shaft13110000???
Full Plate Gauntlet Fragment5120000????
Full Plate Gauntlet Fragment8120000???
Drake Leather Boot Design7120000??????
Full Plate Gauntlet Fragment10120000?????
Homunkulus' Sword Blade12120000???
Full Plate Gauntlet Fragment10120000????
Full Plate Gauntlet Fragment8120000??????
Drake Leather Boot Design21120000???
Full Plate Gauntlet Fragment19120000???
Homunkulus' Sword Blade5120000????
Drake Leather Boot Design3120000????
Full Plate Gauntlet Fragment4120000????
Drake Leather Boot Design33120000????
Full Plate Gauntlet Fragment3120000??????
Full Plate Gauntlet Fragment6120000???
Drake Leather Boot Design11121000??????
Full Plate Gauntlet Fragment12121000?????
Drake Leather Boot Design2121000??????
Drake Leather Boot Design7130000???
Homunkulus' Sword Blade2130000???
Mithril Dagger Blade14130000???
Staff of Life Shaft4150000????????
Scroll: Enchant Weapon (D-grade)8210000????
Scroll: Enchant Weapon (D-grade)15224000????01
Scroll: Enchant Weapon (D-grade)7225000????
Scroll: Enchant Weapon (D-grade)14226000?????
Scroll: Enchant Weapon (D-grade)16226000????
Scroll: Enchant Weapon (D-grade)6227000???
Eminence Bow Shaft1300000???
Eminence Bow Shaft1300000???
Eminence Bow Shaft3310000?????
Eminence Bow Shaft3310000????
Eminence Bow Shaft11350000???
Eminence Bow Shaft4350000???
Eminence Bow Shaft13350000???
Eminence Bow Shaft3350000??????
Scroll: Enchant Armor (B-grade)8350000????
Eminence Bow Shaft1350000????
Eminence Bow Shaft3350000????
Scroll: Enchant Armor (B-grade)4350000????
Eminence Bow Shaft3350000????
Scroll: Enchant Weapon (C-grade)11100000????
Scroll: Enchant Weapon (C-grade)41150000????