Items being bought:
Item Count Price Buyer
Steel Arrow481743????
Animal Skin343088???
Animal Bone Fragment362092????
Animal Bone Fragment644793????
Animal Bone Fragment47695???
Animal Bone Fragment47695????
Animal Skin1100095?????
Iron Ore2932130????
Iron Ore445135???
Iron Ore7664150?????
Iron Ore3351158????
Iron Ore2999160????
Iron Ore2962166????
Iron Ore6000176?????
Crystal (D-grade)10423300????
Crystal (D-grade)874305?????
Crystal (D-grade)23305??
Crystal (D-grade)399310??
Mithril Ore1208480????
Mithril Ore3274480???
Mithril Ore497500?????
Elven Ring Piece2800shin
Coarse Bone Powder1196920????
Coarse Bone Powder1232920????
Coarse Bone Powder775930????
Coarse Bone Powder195950????
Coarse Bone Powder979970???
Coarse Bone Powder751050??
Coarse Bone Powder3651050????
Elven Necklace Beads81100shin
Greater Magic Haste Potion151500??????
Greater Magic Haste Potion2001500????????
Compound Shield Fragment501500???
Full Plate Shield Fragment661600???
Crystal (C-grade)1111650??
Mithril Gauntlet Design871700???
Oriharukon Ore2501720???
Crystal (C-grade)17431750?????
Crystal (C-grade)9651820???
Oriharukon Ore3161850???
Crystal (C-grade)10881850????
Oriharukon Ore2511850????
Oriharukon Ore3031850????
Oriharukon Ore3211860???
Mithril Stocking Pattern242000???
Rind Leather Boot Lining662000??
Theca Leather Boot Texture112000????
Rind Leather Glove Design542000??
Theca Leather Glove Texture122000????
Crimson Boot Fabric672000??
Full Plate Boot Fragment222000?????
Ring of Seal Gemstone372000???
Ring of Seal Gemstone212000??
Full Plate Boot Fragment112000??????
Divine Glove Pattern222000?????
Adamantite Ring Wire302000???
Chain Boot Fragment482000?????
Plated Leather Boot Lining592000?????
Gauntlets of Ghost Pattern1092000????
Chain Glove Design542000?????
Plated Leather Glove Design602000?????
Drake Leather Glove Design1112000????
Reinforced Mithril Boot Design672000??
Reinforced Mithril Glove Design1022000??
Chain Boot Fragment532100????????
Haste Potion1342200????
Full Plate Boot Fragment502200???
Adamantite Nugget3212200???
Crimson Boot Fabric1092200????????
Mithril Tunic Pattern222200???
Karmian Boot Fabric1802500???
Karmian Glove Fabric452500???
Karmian Boot Fabric602500??
Karmian Glove Fabric1282500??
Nassen's Earring Gemstone322500???
Mold Glue1002500???
Elven Earring Beads402500??
Elven Earring Beads122510shin
Karmian Boot Fabric82600??????
Karmian Boot Fabric122600??
Karmian Glove Fabric102600??
Divine Stocking Pattern143000?????
Salamander Skin Boot Lining163000??????
Mold Lubricant1003500???
Brigandine Temper483500????
Reinforced Mithril Shirt Fabric204000?????
Quality Leather2014000????
Greater Haste Potion724000????
Quality Leather3974000wonijasu
Quality Leather1204100????
Proof of Blood2824200???
Karmian Tunic Pattern285000??
Mold Hardener115000??????
Divine Stocking Pattern655000???
Mold Glue25000??
Crystal (B-grade)2335500??
Unknown Item566000??
Unknown Item5476050????????
Unknown Item806050????
Unknown Item7426060????
Unknown Item2716100???
Unknown Item7196120??????
Unknown Item6586200?????
Unknown Item4506200????
Unknown Item5036210????01
Unknown Item1006300??????
Unknown Item5006320???
Unknown Item3446330???
Unknown Item11826350????????
Unknown Item4756350????????
Unknown Item11006350????
Unknown Item13436500??
Full Plate Helmet Design237000???
Full Plate Helmet Design207000???
Greater Haste Potion1098000????????
Greater Haste Potion848000????
Karmian Stocking Design298000??
Karmian Stocking Design1258000???
Plate Gaiter Fragment129000??????
Karmian Stocking Design249000??????
Half Plate Temper1010000???
Half Plate Temper410000??????
Avadon Circlet Pattern110000??????
Stone of Purity7010000????
Sword of Revolution Blade3910000?????
Stone of Purity19510600???
Stone of Purity7011000???
Winged Spear Blade3811000????
Unknown Item23211000????
Maingauche Edge2211000?????
Stone of Purity4511200???
Full Plate Helmet Design1112000????
Full Plate Helmet Design912000????
Unknown Item3312000??????
Unknown Item5012000????
Full Plate Helmet Design2212000?????
Full Plate Helmet Design2312000?????
Full Plate Helmet Design612000??????
Full Plate Helmet Design9012000???
Full Plate Helmet Design2512000????
Full Plate Helmet Design8212000???
Salamander Skin Mail Texture1712000??????
Full Plate Helmet Design912000????
Full Plate Helmet Design1912000????
Full Plate Helmet Design912000??????
Stone of Purity4212300???
Stone of Purity4412300????
Stone of Purity14912500?????
Stone of Purity27412700???
Stone of Purity6512700???
Stone of Purity12112700???
Unknown Item24012700???
Stone of Purity6213000???
Stone of Purity3314000??
Crucifix of Blood Piece3514000????
Stone of Purity21114000???
Crucifix of Blood Piece315000????????
Samurai Long Sword Blade515000???
Samurai Long Sword Blade1716000???
Scroll: Enchant Armor (D-grade)218500????
Full Plate Helmet Design720000???
Tsurugi Blade520000????
Samurai Long Sword Blade3220000????
Scroll: Enchant Armor (D-grade)520000???
Scroll: Enchant Armor (D-grade)5020100????
Scroll: Enchant Armor (D-grade)3920100????
Scroll: Enchant Armor (D-grade)4320100?????
Scroll: Enchant Armor (D-grade)4120100wonijasu
Scroll: Enchant Armor (D-grade)3322000???
Full Plate Helmet Design2222000??????
Scroll: Enchant Armor (D-grade)2022000????
Samurai Long Sword Blade222000??????
Scroll: Enchant Armor (D-grade)4622000???
Scroll: Enchant Armor (D-grade)2522000????
Full Plate Helmet Design525000??
Sword of Valhalla Blade125000???
Drake Leather Armor Texture1825000????
Sword of Valhalla Blade525000????
Heavy Bone Club Head2225000?????
Reinforced Longbow Shaft2030000?????
Unknown Item1530000????
Drake Leather Armor Texture1930000??????
Deadman's Staff Head630000???
Ghoul's Staff Head530000???
Full Plate Armor Temper530000???
Full Plate Armor Temper2530000???
Full Plate Armor Temper630000??????
Crystal Staff Head430000??????
Drake Leather Armor Texture630000???
Full Plate Armor Temper230000????
Full Plate Armor Temper2431000???
Divine Tunic Fabric2132000?????
Full Plate Armor Temper532000??????
Full Plate Armor Temper432000??????
Cursed Maingauche Edge1435000?????
Ghoul's Staff Head435000??????
Full Plate Armor Temper335000??
Crystal Staff Head1235000??
Divine Tunic Fabric740000??????
Unknown Item4740000wonijasu
Divine Tunic Fabric2340000???
Unknown Item1941000???
Unknown Item3042000???
Demon's Staff Head345000?????
Demon's Staff Head1245000???
Demon's Staff Head345000??????
Crystal Dagger Blade350000???
Crystal Dagger Blade350000???
Tarbar Head850000??????
Crystal Dagger Blade1150000????
Spirit Sword Blade1455000???
Scroll: Enchant Armor (C-grade)2055000????
Spirit Sword Blade555000????
Crystal Dagger Blade960000???
Crystal Dagger Blade360000????
Scroll: Enchant Armor (C-grade)360000???
Brigandine Helmet Design461000??????
Scroll: Enchant Armor (C-grade)4261000????
Scroll: Enchant Armor (C-grade)661000wonijasu
Brigandine Helmet Design2261000?????
Elven Mithril Glove Design2061000?????
Scroll: Enchant Armor (C-grade)962100??
Scroll: Enchant Armor (C-grade)2063500?????
Scroll: Enchant Armor (C-grade)2365000???
Scroll: Enchant Armor (C-grade)1168000???
Elven Mithril Glove Design369000??????
Scroll: Enchant Armor (C-grade)1469000????
Brigandine Helmet Design170000???
Crystal Dagger Blade470000???
Spirit Sword Blade370000?????
Elven Mithril Glove Design771000???
Raid Sword Blade175000???
Raid Sword Blade1375000???
Raid Sword Blade575000????
Stick of Faith Shaft2480000???
Stick of Faith Shaft780000???
Drake Leather Boot Design880000???
Berserker Blade Edge2380000???
Berserker Blade Edge580000????
Orcish Poleaxe Blade6100000????????
Homunkulus' Sword Blade2100000???
Elven Long Sword Blade13100000???
Yaksa Mace Head2100000???
Yaksa Mace Head2100000???
Full Plate Gauntlet Fragment2100000???
Full Plate Gauntlet Fragment22106000?????
Light Crossbow Shaft14110000???
Full Plate Gauntlet Fragment9110000????
Full Plate Gauntlet Fragment3110000????
Drake Leather Boot Design4110000??????
Drake Leather Boot Design17110000???
Full Plate Gauntlet Fragment16110000?????
Full Plate Gauntlet Fragment32110000???
Full Plate Gauntlet Fragment2110000??????
Yaksa Mace Head9110000???
Full Plate Gauntlet Fragment21110000???
Drake Leather Boot Design2110000??????
Full Plate Gauntlet Fragment2110000??????
Yaksa Mace Head2110000????
Drake Leather Boot Design32110000????
Drake Leather Boot Design3110000????
Full Plate Gauntlet Fragment3110000????
Yaksa Mace Head7112000????
Homunkulus' Sword Blade7120000???
Homunkulus' Sword Blade6120000????
Mithril Dagger Blade14120000???
Mithril Dagger Blade3130000??????
Staff of Life Shaft4150000????????
Homunkulus' Sword Blade3150000????
Scroll: Enchant Weapon (D-grade)10210000????
Scroll: Enchant Weapon (D-grade)3210000???
Scroll: Enchant Weapon (D-grade)4211500??
Scroll: Enchant Weapon (D-grade)14212000????
Scroll: Enchant Weapon (D-grade)10215000????
Scroll: Enchant Weapon (D-grade)9215000???
Scroll: Enchant Weapon (D-grade)10216000?????
Scroll: Enchant Weapon (D-grade)18216000????01
Eminence Bow Shaft1250000???
Eminence Bow Shaft9286000????
Eminence Bow Shaft2300000????
Eminence Bow Shaft7300000????
Eminence Bow Shaft2300000???
Eminence Bow Shaft5300000?????
Eminence Bow Shaft11300000???
Eminence Bow Shaft2300000??????
Eminence Bow Shaft12300000???
Eminence Bow Shaft3300000???
Eminence Bow Shaft3300000????
Scroll: Enchant Armor (B-grade)4300000????
Eminence Bow Shaft10320000????
Scroll: Enchant Armor (B-grade)5350000????
Scroll: Enchant Weapon (C-grade)21100000???
Scroll: Enchant Weapon (C-grade)61250000????
Mysterious Sword13000000???